Who is that flying cat?

I've always liked making things and was constantly drawing and doodling as a kid. I loved to make cards for my family for the holidays. After a long break from drawing in my adult years I started drawing again and happened to draw this cat. For now there is no particular story behind this cat, other than seeming  to be free spirited and having a sense of adventure.  I hope that flying cat brings happiness and inspires a sense of adventure through the  images and products I make. 


I'm Christine Jansky, an artist, musician and dogwalker. The woods is my office where I take dogs on group hikes and get lots of creative ideas, make up songs and assign classic movie roles to the dogs. I'm a  lifelong New Englander whose fantasy escape from Boston winters is New Mexico.  I occasionally play drums in the band Honeybunch,  am a graduate of  Rhode Island School of Design and currently live in Roslindale MA.